Research & Consultancy Center

Background: The Research & Consultancy center (R&C) was established in September 2014, and aims to provide professional support to faculty members, alumni and students in development and building professional capacity in the research. The center initiates various activities to enhance the cooperation of the University with business enterprises and society by promoting research and innovation capacity, knowledge exchange and networking. R&C is willing and does provide consultancy to students, academic staff and other independent researchers on paper writing, referencing style, outline and editing, and other issues related research paper writing and publication.

Objectives: The Research & Consultancy center pursues the following objectives:

  • Organizing biweekly research seminars on the topics of interest of academic staff and students.
  • Publication of Academic Journal of MDIST twice a year with ISSN number and peer reviewed articles.
  • Organization of international academic conferences.
  • Initiating 2-3 fully functional and sustainable research projects.
  • Running students’ Research club.
  • Establishing a close cooperation with donor organizations, business enterprises and government institutions.
  • Promoting annual publication of 10-15 research papers in international academic journals and conferences.